In Ternopil police visited

preschoolers were noisy and fun in the regional police custody. On a visit to law enforcement officers visited the elder, and the average of the kindergarten "Birch". According to the head of pre-school programs Oksana Kryzhovskoyi initiated this meeting the children themselves. Many parents work with preschoolersthe police. And what kind of service in such form and with epaulets on the shoulders of kids saw with my own eyes. - I had a daddy tells where he works - says 6-year-old Anna monastery. - Just says the police. I saw everything alone. Girls and boys enthusiastically considered museum pieces, and most of them liked primaryaty form. Police hats, caps road inspectors and even striped baton passed from one hand to another small. Children even practiced like real officers salute. Educators pre-school Kush Svetlana and Natalia Kurushyn say the trip to the regional police department for children - a real event. They are now in Tacomaaged, they are interesting. See and hear something new - it's emotions and impressions that preschoolers to share with friends and parents. "And what is it?" "And what is the use?" - The question of small chomuchok happy to meet museum researcher Natalia Golik. He says that these students bring the greatest satisfaction to her as Dr.A guide for they seek in earnest to learn everything all know. Kids parted with police while. They promised that the next walk in the city they will plan together with teachers so that to go to the police shooting range and be sure to see chotyrylapyh assistant police officers - dogs. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopilskiy area