Vinnytsia region, rescuers twice a day emergency door opened

dwellings April 22 at 17:44 at the point called ’ communications State Fire and Rescue 10 of the city. Gaisin from local resident was reported that on the street. 1st May in an apartment on n ’ fifth floor was closed from inside and not responding to her calls9 year old son. Arriving on the scene, soldiers rescue using trohkolinnoyi and assault ladder rose to the balcony apartment through a window and got into the apartment. On the same day at 19:32 Vinnitsa rescue was reported that the regional center on the street. B. Internationalists need help rescuers on vidkryvanof the door. Arriving on the scene, officers DSNS found the apartment on the 9th floor was a woman, born in 1936, who as health ’ I could not open their own door apartment. With shansovoho tool rescuers conducted rescue operation by opening the front door of the house. Rescuers Laneedaly pensioner workers « fast & raquo ;. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region