Vinnytsia region, a number of schools and preschools stopped training because of the flu

February 16 Vinnitsa rescue was reported from the district administration Haysyn gossanepidsluzhby that the territory Haysyn district complicated epidemic situation of influenza and SARS in a number of schools and pre-school programss district. According to the decision of the district committee Gaysinsky Teb and NA (in order to reduce the intensity of a flu epidemic and prevent complications, the work of existing schools and preschool area (37 schools (5393 students), 28 preschool (1839 pupils)) for a period of 16 to 22 February. Also, according to the Commission Teb and Vinnytsia National Assembly from 17 to 20 February pryzupyNeely work 10 secondary schools in Vinnytsia, namely school number 1, 5, 10, 13, 21, 26, 33, technical school, private schools « AIST » and « Or Menachem Vinnytsia & raquo ;. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region