Ukraine will involve the French experience of decentralization and training of local government officials

During the official visit of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko to the French Republic Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Gennadiy Zubko metMinister of decentralization and civil service Mariliz Lebranshu. "We spoke about engaging experience of the French Republic in matters of decentralization. Zaluchatymemo expert groups in implementation of decentralization reforms ", - said Gennady teeth. "We are interested in learning French experience in creation of laws on service in the bodys local government "- the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. He said that the Ukrainian Parliament considered two government bills - the civil service and the service in local government. "It is very important that people who work in local government, under decentralization were included highof Old comply with the requirements of the new legislation. It is therefore necessary to train these people ", - said Gennady teeth. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine said that in May, France will visit a group of Ukrainian experts who will carry out the reform of the National Academy of Public Administration. "The purpose of this reform will createsingle direction of Academy training local government officials. Our experts will visit schools and the Ministry of Education of France, "- he said. "Ukraine needs skilled workers who actively work in local governments. We spoke with a colleague as the possibility of working together on a programpreparation of employees, "- said Gennady teeth. According to him, also agreed that members of a large industrial city, a secondary regional center and county-level towns of Ukraine will visit France to study the experience of local government. Gennadiy Zubko said the expected Mariliz visitLebranshu in Ukraine in June. In addition, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine met with Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy S?gol?ne Royal and discussed the implementation of energy efficiency measures, the problem of reduction of harmful emissions into the environment. S?gol?ne Royal has offered his advice onomstva in matters of fiscal efficiency - how to motivate people to invest in energy efficiency measures. The parties also discussed the possibility of implementation in Ukraine of several pilot projects with the help of French energy service companies. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration