In Ternopil primroses education in high school Kremenetskiy

Recently Kremenetskiy Lyceum named Ulas Samchuk visited Director of Education Ternopil RSA Lubomir Krupa and his deputy Natalia Nardus. Guests learned about the materials in school, methods of teaching rooms, student government workI Literary Museum, plans and prospects. Results active educational, research and creative work of teaching staff Kremenets Lyceum named Ulas Samchuk marked on the competition "Primrose" Second Degree Diploma of Education and Science of Ternopil Regional Administration and diploma and certificate "Modern education in Ukraine - 2013"employed for second place in the Third Ukrainian competition of gifted youth and their mentors. The school won the national project "Leaders of Education and Science of Ukraine." This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration