In Chernivtsi region rescuers had events for citizens to study their safety rules

Employees Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region continuously conduct various activities within the native inhabitants of the Week knowledge of life safety. The aim of this work is to educate citizens safety rules. Thus, for Apr 22employees of the Department of Kitsmansky District DSNS held information events in Kitsmansky educational sector and Lashkivetskomu general school Lashkivtsi village. At the meeting in Kitsmansky educational complex rescuers organized practical vidpratsyuvan teachers and pupilscomplex in case of fire. According to the scenario of the event on the second floor of the fire. Management of the institution organized the evacuation of students and staff from the building to the street and reported the fire Nadzvychaina. At the scene came another guard State Fire and Rescue unit number 9 pmIsta Kitsman. Soldiers fire DSNS conducted exploration in the entertainment complex in order to examine whether people were inside. Making sure that all people are safe, rescuers began to fire suppression, with which coped in a short period of time. After vidpratsyuvan practical, employees Kitsmansky District Department of Management Dr.For details told all present on safety rules and stated that in places of mass stay of people their implementation is crucially important. Then by fire-rescue department showed all the equipment, which is equipped with fire and rescue vehicle that performs assigned tasks. &Laquo; Such measuresvery useful because the acquired theoretical knowledge we have achieved in practice » &Ndash; the director of the education center John Rusnak. Another event that rescuers spent the day Kitsmansky District Department, was a seminar on civil protection Lashkivetskomu secondary schools. Participation in it VZYaly teachers from all schools Kitsmansky area responsible for civil protection and life safety. The event itself consisted of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical rescuers presented the general situation of fires and emergencies in the country. After that, experts Office DSNS answered many questions for action in case of emergency situations of different nature. During the practical part of the event was organized evacuation of students and teachers of the institution through a conditional fire. Firefighters who arrived on the scene, eliminated the threat. Then rescuers acquainted with the work of educators primary means pozhezhohasinnya and told the audience that they can be eliminated at an early stage of the fire burning. And for better absorption of acquired knowledge, teachers were able to try to eliminate the practice of using conventional fire extinguisher. In addition to rescue workers and teachers at a meeting attended by about 10 participants and conduct antyterorystychnoyi operation. All of them are graduates of the institution. They talked about service in Eastern Ukraine and thanked all the native inhabitants, who are constantly helping them. &Laquo; Being in a combat zone, we always felt the support of our fellow » &Ndash; Ukraine advocates said. Press Service of Ukraine in UDSNS Cherniveversities area