In Lutsk zoo continuing the construction of the town for lions and bears

In our city delegation of visitors from Zamosc and Rzeszow (Poland). This visit is part of the project "Modernization of zoos in Zamosc and Lutsk, and to develop the concept of a recreational area in Rzesz?w to promote cross bordernature tourism ", which is implemented in accordance with the cross-border cooperation" Poland-Belarus-Ukraine ". According to him, our city will receive 1.5 million euros for the modernization of Lutsk zoo. Guests from Poland, together with Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and his deputy Taras Yakovlev visited Lutsk zoo and learnedwith the progress of construction work. The first deputy general director of "Lutsksantehmontazh number 536" Igor Voytyuk and Director of "Lutsk zoo" Ludmila Denisenko told about the state of work. Participants examined the future of town for bears, which is actively under construction. When completed, there will be winter enclosures witharlohamy where dwell the animal. There will be two large and mature grounds with swimming pool. Visitors can observe the animals from the observation deck, which will be separated by a special glass. Then visited the town for the construction of lions. It will have a total area of ??about 1,100 square meters. There will be a closed room where lions zmozhutb relax and open space. Pets will try to arrange close to the natural conditions of arranging various objects. Also in the town of Lion will be arranged and an artificial pond. Guests arrange viewing platforms. In making the reconstruction plan to do with landscaping, raozhu, water supply and sanitation. The zoo will be enhanced electrical system, exterior lighting made and installed video surveillance system. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that the contractor, and that "Lutsksantehmontazh number 536" quickly and efficiently perform all work. He said that, unfortunately, because artificial hangoverus, creating one of the construction companies party tendering procedure, work began on time. However ensured that all the reconstruction zoo complete this fall. Satisfied with what he saw and President Zamo?? Andrzej grandson. According to him, in Zamosc reconstruction zoo also completed. He is confident that Lutsku all the time to complete the work on time, and we will soon see good tourist attraction. In turn, the director of the Lutsk Zoo Ludmila Denisenko said: "Today we live two lions. Since these animals live in pride, we're searching females who could buy for our zoo, because the Lion camp for two individuals budis too big. " The Bear situation has different. According to Ludmila Denisenko, now lives in a zoo four adults and two little is vedmezhdat who plan to give to other zoos. This was reported in Lutsk City Council