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Vinnytchina: in 2014 with the region exported nearly 68 tons of pesticides (+ photos)

This, April 23, the press center of the Department of Information and Communication of the RSA director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional State Administration Volodymyr Krys'ko in the press -konferentsiyi on the state ecological villageytuatsiyi in: Problems, Prospects and challenges. Participating in the event were Head of the Department of Land, Life, Protected Areas and Ecological Expertise Department of Environment and Natural Resources RSA Julia Chizhik. Opening the press conference Vladimir Krys'ko noted that there are two in the regiontional environmental programs, "Regional Programme of Environment and natural resources in the years 2013-2018" and "Regional Environmental Network program Vinnitsa region for 2004-2015". Programs implemented mainly at the expense of the regional Environmental Protection Fundenvironment. The total amount of funds regional environmental funds planned to implement environmental measures in 2014 amounted to 16096.6 thousand. UAH. Actual financing amounted to 67.4% (10851.3 thousand. UAH.) Of the target, and development - 24.7% (3974.3 thousand. USD.). Most of the environmental fund of funds was aimed at implementing measuresto prevent and eliminate pollution of the environment (14789.6 thousand. UAH.) In particular, the work of reconstruction of sewage pumping stations and sewage network in. Tulchin; completion of the pressure sewerage network in the village. Trostianets; continuation of work on the construction of sewer collector for leadtion faeces in the village. Shypynky Bar district and reconstruction of treatment facilities in the city. Kalynivka; production of construction documents Reconstruction of gravity sewer collector with. Agronomichne village and wastewater treatment. Litin and the city. Yampil; purchase of equipment and machines for the collection of solid waste in the city. Pohrebysche settlement. Charassment settlement. Tomashpil equipment for sewage treatment plants town. Voronovitsa. Funds allocated for the preservation of the natural reserve fund (160.0 thousand. USD) utilized in full. The work on the conservation of wild animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (European bison). In research and development in the field of Environmental Protectionth environment was planned 1000,0 thousand. UAH. (VOKSLP of " Vinoblahrolis " activities to identify stocks of natural plant resources, determination and justification of expenses for their protection and reproduction). Almost 100% of the target volume (157.0 thousand. UAH.) Utilized funds in the direction of " Other activities in the field of environmentalth environment & quot ;: technically equipped regional environmental and educational centers on the basis of secondary schools. Jmerinka city. Yampil and school-lyceum town. Strizhavka; analysis of the existing system of solid waste management in Vinnitsa region. Referring to the destruction of useless crop protection chemicals (HZZR) Vladimir Krys'ko informed that in 2014, funded by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection (1,5 mln. USD.) Removed from the area of ??67.725 tons HZZR for subsequent high-temperature incineration. "The work was carried SIGroup Consort Ltd. in 12 rural councils Chernivtsi, Peschansky and MurovanokurylovetskohO areas. On the Chernivtsi region exported 51.5 tons of useless HZZR with Peschansky and Murovanokurylivetsky areas - 5.925 respectively and 10.3 tons ", - said V. Krys'ko. For the next phase of work (repacking) from the regional environmental funds allocated one million 53 thousand UAH. On disposal of hazardous substances shelterno Dzhurynsky burial site, the state Environmental Protection Fund allocated 79.8 million. UAH, but the funds have not been exploited because the MEP powers not delegated Department of customer operations. According to the director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional Administration under inspection act in Dzhurinsky poison cemetery left about 2100 tonsMr. HZZR. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration