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In Vinnitsa region with the assistance of the OSCE the Workshop on freedom of religion or belief, and hate crimes (+ photos)

Before the two-day seminar for representatives of district and regional government within the framework of the OSCE / ODIHR "Strengthening the security of religious communities and other groups in Ukraine "with the event organizers zustrilys Vice-President - Director of Education Regional State Administration Igor Ivasjuk and Head of the Department for Nationalities and Religions RSA Igor Saletskyy. The meeting was also attended Director of Religious Affairs and Nationalities Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Andriy Yurash. PredstavnMAP Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Ales Haneke and Dilnoza Satarov informed the participants about what Vinnytsia region defined as a pilot in the work to implement international experience in matters relating to freedom of religion or belief, and hate crimes . According to them, the project also in MarchUts River part Odessa, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv. At a seminar in Vinnytsia organizers invited representatives of Cherkasy region will share experience. Welcoming the distinguished guests, Igor Ivasjuk said: "Vinnichchina - an area where for centuries peacefully coexist over 100 different nationalities, cultures and traditions harmoniously intertwined withUkrainian. The region has 2103 religious organizations 38 denominations, their number Vinnichchina ranks second in Ukraine. " An effective mechanism of cooperation between government and religious organizations, he called the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations at the head of RSA, which became a place of interfaith and interethnic dialogue: "Approvedof these meetings gives us the opportunity to present difficult times defuse many contradictions and problems of religious and national character, to prevent conflicts, ensuring peace and tranquility in the national-cultural environment. " Games Ivasjuk also noted the lack of tolerance and deep xenophobia in Vinnitsa community "Proof of this can serve as a study in the Vinnitsa universities around 2500 students from 68 countries and transfer to the winery, due to events in the east, Donetsk National University, which is in the top 700 best universities in the world, and it is more than 7 thousand people. " High professionalism in dealing with religious communities and national thenSociety in the region said Director of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Culture nationalities Ukraine Andriy Yurash. He wished the workshop participants fruitful work and new experience in implementing a state-church and inter-ethnic policy. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration