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In the Lviv region in Striy convicted fraudster telephone

* for committing fraud number of 28-year-old local resident sentence Stryisky City Court sentenced to a penalty of up to one year and six months, restriction of liberty. On account of the attacker four episodes of criminal activity. How to set the police every time he acteda certain scheme and invent a new legend. An attacker phoned potential victims who are elected by advertisement in local newspapers. Thus, in early November last year, he called to a resident of a rural area and Stryisky, impersonating her brother, asked to borrow money, they say, was in trouble. This indicated that formoney alone will not be able to come and will come his friend. The woman believed and passed into the hands of an attacker to 8000 USD. At the end of November in the snare of the attacker got another resident Stryisky area. Impersonating old friend, the scammer asked the man, who phoned to mobile, borrow 3000 USD to address CCAally problems, claiming that he was in an accident. This time to not personally meet with the victim, the scammer used the services of a taxi driver. When managed to get 3 thousand attacker again an hour later called the victim and this time asked me to another 2 thousand. The second time the money tovictim got another man - also a taxi driver who had no idea what is involved in a criminal scheme cajolery money. Another episode of his crime - a fraud, which lead to it suffered a taxi driver. It has been used a different scheme for which the driver had to bring a parcel from one place to another. This Klienso assured that the money that the taxi driver had to pay for the package when you receive it, it will return even pay service package during delivery at a specific address. The fact that he cheated on 457 hryvnia, people realized when the client did not find him at the given address. In the courtroom attacker fully admitted his guilt and sincerely repented. Stryyskyy City Court found him guilty of committing criminal offenses under Part 2 Art.190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and appointed him a sentence of one year and six months, restriction of liberty. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB