Rescuers Zhytomyr visited the home of fallen heroes of Chernobyl

Each year, rescuers pay tribute to the fallen liquidators and maintain their seven ’ her. So on the eve of the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy, Major General Civil Protection and director Igor Nikitchuk Foundation « Chernobyl Fire » Boris Chumak stayedAli homeland countrymen who died after the accident at Chernobyl. For his feat liquidators received « Gold Stars » &Ndash; Hero of Ukraine and Russia. The first visitors from the regional center took Ovruchskyi area. Here was born one of six liquidators – Nicholas Vashchuk. A man born in the village of Great Haycha. Nikolai Vasilovych worked for the Fire Protection of nuclear power plants. April 26 duty instead friend – thus earning a weekend to get married in early May. He had to get in a cohort of firefighters who came that night to put out the burning reactor. He established a ladder between the third and fourth power. HisBranch paved sleeve work on the roof line. Working with the barrel at high altitude in a high level of radiation, heat and smoke, inspired by example separation in bold and courageous action to extinguish the fire. Through determination and resilience firefighters flame spread ’ I towards the third unit was stopped.After prolonged exposure to high levels of radiation exposure, heat and smoke selection Vashchuk was withdrawn from combat service staff and hospitalized. By deed in the name of life of present and future generations, courage and sacrifice Nicholas Vashchuk awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and received the Order « Golden Star » (Posthumously).Sister Love liquidator V. annually welcomes distinguished guests. Woman with pride and pain hear all the words that are heard from the lips of its firefighters brave brother. By Lubarsky district staff DSNS rode with real sadness, because know that among the relatives of the local character of Chernobyl no one is left. 87 of the yearbirvalosya mother's life liquidator Evgenia. Therefore, rescuers first visited the place of burial. Her son, Major General of internal service Vladimir Maksimchuk – Legend not only fire protection USSR, but also around the world. Childhood and youth Vladimir Mikhailovich passed in Zhytomyr, village Demkivtsi Lubarsky area. In 1986he led the operational and tactical fire department of the Soviet Union. On the night of 22 on May 23 organized and took part in extinguishing the fire in extremely challenging areas of main circulation pumps fourth power that threatened the release of the third power mode and may lead to imminent disaster. Tode yet Lt. Maxymchuk emergency uses on the site of the accident tactics extinguish the fire, which had no analogues in the world – extinguish the fire in small groups of 5 people, each of whom was in a dangerous area no more than 10 minutes to none of them received a lethal dose of radiation. Thanks to the invention of the tactics of suppression, which still applyNumber worldwide for nuclear power plants, could save the lives of hundreds of ordinary soldiers and officers. His feat in Chernobyl was awarded by the President of Russia – In 2003, Vladimir received the title of Hero of Russia (posthumously). In the area Lyubar his name called Hizivschynska school where he studied. Here rescue efforts and pedagogicalohiv a museum – venue « courage Lessons & raquo ;. Every year at home liquidators looking forward to rescue, friends, colleagues – heart of most native people. Relatives and friends are constantly liquidators are grateful for the attention, care and solve problems that can not afford their own to overcome Seven ’Yam who lost their brothers, husbands and sons. As a symbol of respect and city ’ memory, management and control DSNS veterans visited museums in Hizivschynskiy Velykohaychanskiy and secondary schools with trained and Nicholas Maksymchuk Vladimir Vashchuk. schools are their names. By the memorial plaque and city ’ Monument heroes-liquidators putand flowers. Returning home, rescuers are subconsciously thinking about what help and encourage Seven ’ th liquidators next year. Families in which the characters have grown not deserve indifference of the state and the people around them. The Chernobyl disaster in postukalas future home liquidators and brought in their lives enough pain and guardtribute. So on the day of the 29th anniversary of the disaster Let us all honor the memory of those brave men who saved the life on Earth. Eternal memory to the heroes! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region