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Radio "Ray" celebrated the 50th anniversary of the

oldest youth radio station Ukraine - radio "Ray" - 50 years ago. As stated on the official website of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, April 22, 1965 issued a decree 117 of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR. The document attributes « to improve glad Republicanomovlennya and better meet the needs of listeners » organize music and information radio program « Ray & raquo ;. First « & raquo ;, Ray really was a small program. Only a few years moved to is broadcasting. Today it is the second Ukrainian radio channel, where much of the content are live on actopical themes of politics, economics, cultural and artistic life. And, of course, as from the start calling card « Ray » This high-quality music – Ukrainian contemporary, classical, jazz, rock, alternative and other genres. Some interesting facts about radio « Ray & raquo ;: Ukraine's first school radio DJs from ’ it appeared toRadio « Ray & raquo ;, when commercial stations do not even dream about their esters. This practice was called DJ School – &Laquo; hot fruit compote & raquo ;. Among young intellectuals had a ceremony, meet with and « listen » transmission, as it was called, « pocharkuvaty » at « Compote & raquo ;. That headclerks radio « Ray » Ukrainian first learned what the charts. Pioneer in this genre was the program « 12-2 » &Ndash; sip fresh new music and extraordinary presentation of information. On air « Ray » from ’ appeared first in the history of Ukraine direct radio with guests in the studio. By this all « & ra guestquo; programs on SD obtained in writing. Interactive – calls listeners to live – also first tested « Ray & raquo ;. Told