In one of the churches of Lviv Andriy Kuzmenko portrayed by John the Baptist in the village of Verin

, Lviv region, local church continued to paint images of contemporaries - public figures and politicians. To already familiar here Gudziak Bishop Boris, head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Francis Pope and Yushchenko family in embroidery were added and the Heavenly HeroesHundreds and Ukrainian singers. For example, Andriy Kuzmenko depicted in the image of John the Baptist. This is stated in the plot of the first Western journalist news « the Day » (Schobudnya at 21:00 on Channel ZIK) Irina Fat. &Laquo; Here we have shown our church and conductor. He is dead, I have not even found. He's asleepandin our church choir. Yet there is a sexton & raquo ;, – picture shows the church rector of Father Basil. But most discussions led to the image of John the Baptist, whose face is very similar to the face of the late singer Andriy Kuzmenko. Priest with artist Nicholas Havrylivym, would thus make the church closer and clearer forordinary people. Parishioners to innovate in his church have become accustomed. After a few years ago in the church portrayed Yushchenko with seven ‘ Inspectorate. After Rose ‘ yasnen priest parishioners only happy new face. &Laquo; there are those who were servants in the church, there are different people. Rozdyvlyayemos we all like. Very nicely drawn & raquo ;, –parishioners consider church. That son painted as a saint, parents Andriy Kuzmenko learned, like all – from the Internet. Permission they were not consulted, but they do not mind. &Laquo; I was not bad for what they portrayed it so. However, very surprised. If they do these things for a long time and the church is already a practice, why. Enoughsuch an ambiguous feeling & raquo ;, – Andriy Kuzmenko have recognized Mrs. Olga. And late Kuzma – not only a singer, pictured in the church. Opposite leader « Scriabin » in the form Volodomyra Great artist painted lead singer « Mary » Victor Winnick. &Laquo; When I learned this, at first it was quite strangeis feeling. However, the decision of the artist. Apparently, it took away a lot of images and that this historical person approached me. Well do now? You can then sketch in which case & raquo ;, – Victor is talking. Art historians emphasize that the tradition of free churches paintings became popular in the early sixteenth century, and spread not only in Ukraine, but Mrof the world. Most painters portrayed themselves as portrayed relatives or acquaintances. Popular tradition and we Cossack icons, so if verynskoyi church canons artist did not break. However, experts add: in this painting General – not outrun. &Laquo; If we draw some analogies between people in biblical times or conthose that need it to do very careful not to go too far. You may want to start with hints & raquo ;, – Self ikonoznavets Salome Timo. In Lviv it is not the first modern paintings in churches. On the walls of the church of Our Lady of Lviv newly drawn characters ATU and the so-called « quilted jacket & raquo ;, and & laquo characters, Russian World & raquo ;, pending judgment of God. Told