Transcarpathia: the Vynogradiv police found the stolen car

minibus "Volkswagen Transporter", which reported the disappearance of its owner, resident of Vinogradov, was wanted for long. Immediately after registration messages received by the duty of the police department, went to the spot slidcho- operational gRupa. Law enforcement officers immediately applied the plan "interception" and held a number of measures to uncover this crime, which gave a positive result. The police found uhnanyy vehicle, and with it, and involved in his disappearance intruders. As it turned out, the unlawful taking of a vehicle involved in a 19 year old previously convicted meshkanets Hust district and three of his comrades. The boy confessed to the crime. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.289 Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal appropriation of a vehicle, committed by prior conspiracy). An attacker taken into custody and placed in the car impound lot. Continues pre-trialfig investigation. Oksana Kobzarenko Vinogradov District Police

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/