In Chernihiv region during fire fighting rescued 82-year-old woman

17 February at 16:00 Rescue « 101 » in Shchors district received information about the fire house in the village. Petrovka. At the scene quickly arrived from town. Shchors State Fire and Rescue Department. The firefighting lasted about 30 minutes during which aohnebortsi they found in the smoke-filled room and rescued 82-year-old mistress of the house. Hospitalization elderly woman was not required. The fire had destroyed part of household items and bed. The preliminary cause of the fire was the smoking in bed, 56-year-old son landlady. At the time of fire man was drunk, buthad run out of the house, leaving his mother in him. In connection ’ connection with this, rescuers calling people to be careful while smoking or smoke in bed and carefully extinguish butts. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region