Chernihiv region, rescuers together with employees Pryluky tobacco factory training exercises conducted

Comprehensive training conducted divisions of the State Service for Emergency Situations together with governments and non-military formations enterprises of high-risk, enable virtually out inEntire range of measures to eliminate the emergencies, fires, accidents. Such joint activities with the specific production features placement and other factors, the most effective forms of management and civil defense forces. February 17 comprehensive training sessions on the factory JSC "A / T TobaccoPeninsula company "V.A.T.-Priluky." During the theoretical part, which was attended by the leadership of the regional Office, City District Department UDSNS and management and service companies involved were considered to carry out joint actions. Conditional « alarm » marked the beginning of the practical training. Bylegend, as part of the finished product was a fire, which is due to a heavy load of combustible materials acquired considerable size. Another enterprise personnel notified event management facility, called operational and rescue units city and held warning and evacuation of personnel. Emergency services enabled enterprise systems Fr.ypozhezhnoho protection and smoke and disconnected the power structure. Fire and rescue units worked conventional fire extinguishing and interaction with the administration object on joint activities. As a result of training, it was determined that the management, supervisors and facility operational units and Rescue Service "101" Stampryluky ready to perform common tasks and actions by at ­ value. UDSNS in Chernihiv region