More than 100 families with children of temporary migrants from the East to the Carpathian region received humanitarian aid from the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Service and

partners in Ivano-Frankivsk on accepted and placed over 3,300 temporarily displaced citizens who were forced to leave their homes in BC ’ connection with holding TUs in the East of our country. Sereetc. They have over 1,000 children. It is with many seven ’ her mother, who are bringing up children, seven ’ her where disabled children are in the area of ??special attention of regional staff on social security of citizens of Ukraine who moved from the temporarily occupied territories and areas of ATO to which includes laborManagement DSNS nicks in the area. Every effort is made to make life easier for residents from East to Ivano-Frankivsk to Carpathian became for them a new home. Great value in this adaptation has comfortable accommodation for life, and necessary things essentials and food. To that end, on April 22 at the premises of sano-Frankivsk organization Society « Education » in the regional center of the transfer of humanitarian aid from the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Service for over hundreds of disadvantaged families residing in the Carpathians. Ivano-Frankivsk families of more than 30, so they were invited for assistance. LesI Aronets – chairman of the youth and community center « Standard & raquo ;, the first deputy head of regional staff emphasized that it is the fourth and most extensive help Hungarian colleagues who are long-term partners, youth and community center « Standard & raquo ;, which joined the International Fund « Art Alliance » and sales network « & raquo ;. Metro Help includes linens, toiletries, food, which is not enough for one month. Deputy Governor Igor Pasichnyak thanked all the partners for their assistance, which is very important and necessary for these families and stressed that both government and non-governmental STRUCTUREUri continue to seek all possible ways to assist temporarily displaced persons from the East who found their new home in the Carpathian Mountains. This was followed by targeted delivery of every seven ’ her things and products that have been greatly appreciated, as evidence of care and understanding their problems. Another 70 families will receive this assistancedistricts. Management DSNS in