In Ternopil oblast in outpatient departments shkirvendyspanseru and oncologic dispensary can be screened for melanoma

24 April 2015 on the occasion of National Day of melanoma in Ternopil region to region residents will be held Open House to identify pigmented skin tumors. Schedule of examination everyonex: from 09.00 to 13.00 hours - office 12 (second floor outpatient department of Ternopil Regional Oncology Center at:. Ternopil, st. R. Kupchynskyi, 8); 9.00 to 16.00 hours - Cabinet 1- doctor Melnychuk I.P .; Cabinet 2- doctor Holyachenko H.B .; office 4 - doctor Hlushok O.K .; zavdyspansernym branch office 39 - TS doctor Shkrobot (Out-patient department of Ternopil Regional STI clinic at:. Ternopil, st. Ostrog princes). Reference: Melanoma - a mole that is hidden on your body with many of these, but it degenerates into a malignant tumor and provokes skin cancer. Of those who w ill with cancerKira in Ukraine 95 people die. Compared to the US - only 5. The reason for this difference - in the early detection for early cancer pathology - effective treatment. Malignant melanoma occurs at any age, often as young people, mostly women. It ranges from 0.3 to 1% in the number of cases of cancer disease. The incidence of melanomagrowing rapidly over the past few decades and is 2,5-10% of all skin tumors that are detected. There is often aged 30-50 years, with equal frequency in men and women. We urge citizens pay a visit to the doctor and get tested for free! According to the press service DOSES Toda This was reported in Ternopil oblderzhadminionstrating