Luck opens tourist season - 2015;

24-26 April 2015 under the theme "Towards a discovery!" Luck opens tourist season - 2015. During the three days of Luciana and visitors learn that awaits them in the new year tour in the ancient Lucescu, and be able to visit a number of fun activities aimed at promoting istorychnohoh, tourism, cultural and artistic potential of our city. A CE "Tourist Information Centre and Services" offer new themed city sightseeing tours and more ... April 24 at 13:00 in the Tourist Information Centre and Services (st. Senatorky Levchanivskoyi, 2) the presentation of "single ticket" Volyn museum. Bidteper all that exercise "single ticket" will receive 50 percent discount in Volyn museum and three other departments, including the Museum of Volyn Icon Art Museum and Museum of the History of Lutsk Brotherhood. On the same day at 18:00 guide Tourist information centers and services Anastasia Oleksyuk wait mustacheix who seek romance, near Castle Westminster to share "Lutsk romantic story." This thematic tour declare love Duke of Westminster for his wife, romance and drama of medieval Lutsk, secrets and juicy details from the lives of famous and not just individuals, favorite place for a romantic rendezvous, and more. April 25 at 20:00 from the Palace of Culture of Lutsk start theatrical tour "Secrets of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street" (authoring studio theater "mess"). Under the guardian history of Lutsk Klykuna street Bohdan Khmelnytsky expand the unknown and incredibly intriguing pages of its past. Its historic buildings Openyyut a door, and historical figures invited to learn the most interesting milestones in the life of our ancient Lutsk. And Klykun promises to revitalize urban characters - and the present, and those that have sunk into the darkness of oblivion. April 26 at 10:00 ME "Tourist Information Centre and Services" (st. Senatorky Levchanivskoyi 2) waiting for members of the same city questth entitled "Towards a discovery!". Within five hours, participants addressing a number of interesting puzzles and riddles. One problem solved - a special "key". The winners will be those who will collect the most "key" in the shortest period of time. The organizers prepared for winners gifts. On the same day for all those wishing activestay in our city will open its doors the second paragraph of Lutsk bicycle, located at ul. May, 2a, healthy food at the cafe "Oasis". And for those who want to master the art veloyizdy here and only that day from 12:00 to 16:00 veloshkola free will, which instructors teach confidently sit in the saddle of a bicycle, as well as,without fail, traffic rules for cyclists. The final event of the opening of the tourist season will be a charity concert and documentary film "Free people" dedicated to modern KOBZAR existed that what held April 26 at 16:00 at the Palace of Culture of Lutsk. Tape the story, the living, those who are personifiedtion Ukrainian musical tradition - minstrels existed that they are integrated in modern Ukrainian society. After viewing audience will hear speeches kobzar Yaroslav Krys'ko (m. Lviv) existed that Andrew Lyashuk (m. Rivne). These events begin tourist season in Lutsk, which promises to be interesting, eventful and exciting. Also inform that protyahom two days 24 and April 25, 2015 17 representatives of national tour operators stay with a visit to Lutsk to get acquainted with the tourist potential of the city. The main purpose of the event - to demonstrate the capabilities of Lutsk as a tourist destination, particularly open architectural and cultural heritage of the city, as well as the possibility of touristschnoyi infrastructure for tourists. Information partners opening of the tourist season began in Lutsk: Volyn RSTBC and Radio "Family and house FM. See you at the opening of the tourist season! * More information at This was reported in Lutsk City Council