Luck national tour operators interested in!

For two days 24 and April 25, 2015 17 representatives of national tour operators stay with a visit to Lutsk to get acquainted with the tourist potential of the city. The main purpose of the event - to demonstrate the capabilities of Lutsk as a tourist destination, particularly open architectural and ballsTurnu heritage of the city, as well as the possibility of tourism infrastructure for tourists. As recent International Tourism Exhibition UITT - Travel and Tourism", which was presented once again travel Lutsk, Ukraine is growing demand for domestic tourism. Of particular interest in the national tour operators has caused our city, asis for them a new, interesting and unknown. Due to the gradual development of the tourism industry of the city of Lutsk learn more potential tourists from Ukraine and abroad. However, to ensure receipt of our city organized tourist groups need to work with tour operators directly. For the purpose of this SPIinthe writings of Tourism and city promotion of the City Council in conjunction with the Public Union "Tourism Alliance Lutsk" was first performed in our city information tour for seventeen national tour operators who plan to travel routes to Lutsk. As part of the tour planned a number of activities designed to show the possibilities Lutzka as a promising tourist destination, particularly open architectural and cultural heritage of the city and its infrastructure to demonstrate the possibilities for tourists. After getting acquainted with tourist potential "heart Volyn" - Lutsk, April 26 informational tour participants will visit other tourist places of Volynblasts, including the city of Vladimir-Volyn and Zymne Monastery and Shatsky Lakes (Svitiaz, sand, etc.). Note: infotur, promotional tour, Fam trip - this tour for employees of travel agencies to review the hotel and restaurant base and tourist destination products. This was reported in Lutsk City Council