In Bukovina for teachers and students conducted trainings on civil defense

policemen and rescuers trained educators and students the rules of evacuation of the premises during emergencies, for example - in a fire or in detecting explosive devices. The school bell sounded three - with teachers and children leaving organized prymischent institution. Each floor must have a plan diagram evacuation, all of which relentlessly followed. At street children told how important it is to know about how the safe and rapid exit from the building during emergencies. - Such events we hold each year - said the director general Lashkivskoho bookmarkJohn Rusnak hell. - Of course, such training children perceive as a game. But I am sure that through such methods in case of an emergency, students and teachers do not know rozhublyatsya and possible actions. - With students always perform preventive talks - said Acting Chief of the Criminal Police Juvenile Kitsmansky rayvidNazar Myronyuk the work. - Recently, pay more attention to prevent them committing criminal offenses such as false reports of bomb threats. We explain to children that these jokes incur liability. Even if students through age can not appear in court, responsible for their actions parents. In SZEM MIAcountry in Chernivtsi region