Chernigov: rehabilitation of children whose parents died in the ATO, and children of immigrants - attention

Improvement of children whose parents died while on military duty in the area of ??ATO and children from families displaced from the east of the country should be taken special control. Such demand has put Mayor Alexander Sokolov at the meeting Vikothe Executive Committee of 21 April. The main issues discussed at the Executive Committee, is the implementation of state policy on children and youth in Chernigov. A report on the work in this direction was made head of the Family and Youth City Council Valery Semenets. According to him, through the implementation of state youth policy in monthsthey are ensuring close cooperation Department of Family and Youth City Council of NGOs providing activities in two areas: joint activities and development of non-governmental youth sector. The key areas of cooperation with NGOs is patriotic education of youth, prevention of negativephenomena, gender issues, promoting youth, promote healthy lifestyles, support for different categories of families, domestic violence prevention and more. The most notable in recent years Semenets called cooperation with youth NGOs "Semargl", "Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies", "Clubintellectual youth ("KIM"), "Mozart", "City" (MI-100), City Children's Organization Guides Association of Ukraine "Polisyanochka" local branch of the Network, Chernihiv League KVN, etc. The only volunteer center. Following international standards of cooperation with non-governmental sector bodies, Department of Family andYouth City Council is holding a contest projects devised by civic organizations for children and youth of the city. For eleven years (since 2003) conducted 11 stages of the competition, which was given a total of 151 project 54 NGOs. Of these 96 projects funded fully and 23 received partial funding Categoriesa total of more than 240 thousand. Semenets informed that this year will be held jubilee 10th international youth camp asset "Anniversary at the crossroads", which gathered leaders and activists of public organizations that are constantly acting in the direction of youth policy (over 20 organizations). Special attention manager etc.ydilyv of municipal institution "school educational institution" Center works with children and youth in the community "to provide meaningful recreation for children and youth. Decision of the Executive Committee of the Department of Family and Youth City Council entrusted this year to hold competitions projects devised by civic organizatsiyamy, and continue to work on the implementation of the state policy on children and young people in the city of Chernigov. In the short term - of summer health campaign, which must be covered at least half of school-age children. Department of Public Relations of the City Council