Programme of events in Lutsk. On the opening of the tourist season - 2015 "Towards discovery!"

Date Title Place and time April 24, 2015 Presentation "Single Ticket" Volyn museum. "One ticket" is an excellent suggestion Luck museums, giving 50 percent discount on their visits. Tourist Info Centre 14.00mation and services (st. Senatorky Levchanivskoyi 2) April 24, 2015 Free tour "Romantic history of Lutsk." Participants will hear incredible stories excursions love Duke of Westminster for his wife, the romance and drama of medieval Lutsk, secrets and juicy details from the lives of famous and not, personalities of ulyubleno place for a romantic rendezvous, and more. Each story is going to be a pleasant discovery for and show that life Lutsk was always bright, interesting, and most importantly full of the most pleasant feeling - love. 18.00 gathering at Lutsk Castle (Castle Square, 1) April 25, 2015 Theatrical Tour "Secrets of the street Bohdan Hmelnytskoho ". The symbol of the city of Lutsk Klykun is the key to all the unknown and mysterious in Lutsk. He invites all interested to take a look - what is interesting is reserved for locks Lutsk history. Under the direction of Lutsk Klykuna street Bohdan Khmelnytsky open unknown and incredibly intriguing pages of the past. Its historic buildings open to participantstours and doors, and historical figures invited to learn the most interesting milestones in the life of our ancient Lutsk. And Klykun promises to revitalize urban characters - and the present, and those that have sunk into the darkness of oblivion. Accompanied Lutsk Klykuna - Story Keepers Luciana and guests continue the journey into the heart of time learning about funny and sad events in the life of peoplehey residence, which consisted of a great story of our famous Lutsk context. 19 early. 20th centuries. 20.00 gathering at the Palace of Culture of Lutsk (st. Bohdan Khmelnytsky 1) April 26, 2015 Quest "Towards the discovery." In the heart of the tourist information and services (st. Senatorky Levchanivskoyi 2) Sunday April 26 at 10:00 each participant / team athold a number of interesting puzzles and riddles. One problem solved - a special "key". In the quest given 5 hours ago already at 15.00 in the Tourist Information Centre and services await the results of "walking" participants quest. The winners will be those who will collect the most "key" in the shortest period of time. Awards will be held at 1530 in the heart of the tourist information and services. The organizers prepared for winners gifts. 09.00-15.00 Tourist Information Centre and Services (st. Senatorky Levchanivskoyi 2) April 26, 2015 Opening velosezonu in paragraph BICYCLE Tourist Information Centre and services. Veloshkola for beginners and beyond. 12.00-16.00 cafe"Oasis" (st. May, 2a) April 26, 2015 Documentary film "free people" as well as performances kobzar Yaroslav Krys'ko (m. Lviv) existed that Andrew Lyashuk (m. Rivne). There will be a charity concert and documentary film "Free people" dedicated to modern KOBZAR existed that. Tape the story, the living, those who are uosoblennyam Ukrainian musical tradition - minstrels existed that they are integrated in modern Ukrainian society. After viewing audience will hear speeches kobzar Yaroslav Krys'ko (m. Lviv) existed that Andrew Lyashuk (m. Rivne). 16.00 Palace of Culture of Lutsk (st. Bohdan Khmelnytsky 1) This was reported in Lutsk City Council