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Exactly poproschalos one of his last vyzvolytelok

Departed this life Vera G. Gribanova (October 5, 1933 - April 20, 2015). The day before yesterday it said goodbye to the cemetery "New". Righteous, combatant WWII partisan guerrilla group-messenger "Winners", member of the resistance movement. In 2009, it wasawarded the Order "For Merit" third degree for courage and self-sacrifice, found in the Great Patriotic War in saving Jewish people from Nazi genocide, preserving memory? Memory of the Holocaust. When February 2 Rivne celebrated the 71st anniversary of liberation from Nazi occupation, Faith Gribanova honored among the three that hallyshylysya alive liberators Rivne. Now with this cohort of veterans still with us only two. In a recent interview with "7 Days" Faith told Gribanova: - During the war, I have seen too little girl in all sorts of horrors. Prisoners of war, wounded, wounded, beaten worse than cattle kept - behind barbed wire in the open. Rain,snow, blood, dung, mud ... My mom were eating the soldiers and the Jewish ghetto. Many soldiers were able to escape, they were not counted. One of the fugitives resorted to us, and we hid them at home. And then we were with her mother and little sister were taken to jail for it. Mom was shot in 1943 on the third day of Christmas. And my sister and miraculously pasturethe. War - it's awful. People are kind and love one another and do not forget those who died! The mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko expressed sincere regret at this irreparable loss. "It was a living legend - said Vladimir Khomko commenting depth of this loss to Rivne. - In very young age, while still a teenager and it showedment strength and courage who can not afford even many adults. The contribution of each such individual in our victory - just invaluable. Too bad they leave us so quickly. It is very important to us - to surround the attention and concern of those still with us. And those who went into eternity - our sincere gratitude and eternal memory. " Ludmila Mo?neaga This is invidomyly Rivne City Council