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Trusting uzhhorodky given telephone fraudsters over 11,000 USD

rogue police officers identified themselves and demanded money from unsuspecting mothers allegedly exemption from liability for their children who have committed crimes. As a result, a swindler uzhhorodka donated 8,000 USD, the other - 3100 UAH. Last weekend in Uzhgorod Gorotdel mothtion asked two local resident who suffered from telephone scams. 47-year-old Uzhgorod call the mobile number of hidden. In a telephone conversation scammer said that her son is in the police. In order to settle the case, you need to transfer 12,000 USD to the account whose number he said. So much money in womenit was, she had gleaned only 3100 USD, which are transferred to the account of the attacker. Only then have guessed call his son. He was surprised rough story of mother and said that he's all right and no problems. Then the victim asked for help to the police. The second victim was 62 rogue phoneuzhhorodka years. Her companion himself as a police officer named Sergei. Rascal said that women detained son and he threatened prison. And for his release immediately recalculate 10,000 USD on his account number specified. The victim had gleaned 8,000 USD, which was sent to the specified account. And later learned uat her son is on the building and it's all right. Vktore Police urges citizens to be careful not to believe fraudsters, whoever they were not called. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA