Transcarpathian police shared food and medicine from residents Artemivska

Soldiers consolidated Carpathian squad officers who are serving in Artemivsk Donetsk region, decided to share their food supplies and medicines from local inhabitants who need the most help. In the area of ??ATO in Artemivsk in Donetsk regionservice is built Transcarpathian police detachment. Manages his head Rakhivsky police department Colonel Ludwig Veit. Knowing where difficult conditions have to live miserable war local people, especially seniors, children and low-income families Transcarpathian police decided to share with these people with their own foodapasamy. The soldiers brought them food and medicines. - We are one people, one big family and no matter who where born: from the west or east Ukraine, - said Colonel Veit. - In the difficult times we must help each other. Part of a police handed out to families displaced and ARTEMOVSK large and poor families. Extrasomohly and city hospital where the treatment of wounded military and civilian victims of the fighting. - Many thanks to you for helping us maintain the local population. God give you health and peace in our land "- Transcarpathian thanked the police having a lot of mother Irina. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region