By the Championship of bouldering prepared in Chernihiv

February 28 in Chernihiv held open Championship of bouldering at the Center of tourist-recreational and educational work with children and youth (st. Odintsova, 3b). Competitions are organized to improve the technical skills of participants, involving young students in regular physical educationand sports, promotion of active forms of tourism as an important means of education, meaningful leisure and recreation. According to the organizers, the interest in such an interesting and rather extreme sport like bouldering (a kind of sport climbing, which is to go through a series of short but challenging tracks) from year to year is not quenched. Enthorich competition held for students hurtkivtsiv Center and CEI city the following age groups: - Guys - 3-4 grade, 5-6 grade, 7-8 grade, 9-11 grade; - Girls - 3-4 grade, 5-6 grade, 7-8 grade, 9-11 grade. General management training and the competition department provides for Physical Culture and Sports Chernihiv City Council. Immediateis a management and judging competitions relies on RDM Center LLC. Regulations on Open Championship of. Chernihiv with bouldering According to the Center LLC RDM