In Khmelnytsky "moral act"

National Expert Commission of Ukraine on Public Ethics, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine carried out among children and young Ukrainian competition: "The moral act", which was launched in 2010 and the fifth consecutive year demonstrates extraordinary activity of pupils and students in TVOrci form report their socially useful activities. Among the winners are representatives of Khmelnitsky region. This social project "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten .... The memories of our city veterans of the Great Patriotic War", prepared by the education center "specialized school-III school" success "m. Slavuta KhmelnitskyRegion (Action Project - students grades 5-8, Project Manager - Natalia O. Tkachev, teacher). Goal of the competition to attract school students to participate actively in the life of the village in preparation for the celebration of the Victory, the development of creativity, developing children's national awareness, providing spiritual unity of generations, respectful puting the veterans development patriotism resistant moral qualities. Course and contest results highlighted on the site of the National Expert Commission of Ukraine on Public Ethics: The information was