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Valery Cow together with the heads of regional state administrations and district councils Vinnitsa region visited the dairy plant "Roche" (+ photos)

As part of the College of Regional State Administration April 22 Vinnichiny Valery Cow head together with the heads of regional state administrations and district councils made a detour of some industrial objectSituated along the regional center. The first point of visiting chairman of RSA defined Vinnytsia dairy plant "Roche" to introduce regional heads of investment attractive platform where newly built confectionary, milk and ongoing construction of new production facilities that appear in predictable effect naprykintsi this year. Participants had the opportunity to learn a detour to the work of the company, examine its material resources and capacities. As the deputy director of Vinnytsia dairy plant "Roche" Alexander Panczuk, the company started its work in April last year and has already reached the 95% design capacity. "Werecycle 530-550 tons of milk per day. Raw materials are provided, working intensively. The main types of product that we produce, milk powder, whole milk powder, dried cream, butter, cream, "- said Alexander Panczuk. According to him, more than 50% of the production is used in the confectionery corporation "Rocheen ", the rest - is implemented in Ukraine and exported. "Of course, so far European markets for dairy enterprises Ukraine closed, but we are at the stage of obtaining relevant certificates and pending inspection of the European Union in order to get the number of the company's European," - said the deputy director of the dairy plant.Raw materials are harvested in 7-8 business regions of Ukraine. In total processing farm and commercial milk is 88%, the rest - from the private sector of the population. One day Plant produces 40-42 tonnes of skim milk, whole and 40-45 tons 45-48 tons of dried cream. "Against the backdrop of the fact that Ukraine industrial output fell21% increase in Vinnytsia region provides over 14%. We must understand that only through such approaches as an improvement in the quality of life we ??can defeat the aggressor. We have to develop their own territory, "- said the head of the regional state administration Valery cow. Therefore emphasized the need to develop the production of industrialers, stressing that one job in industry creates around itself to 5 jobs in related industries. The head region is convinced that only through competition, through high-tech production can stimulate milk production. "We live in a completely different - a market economy and competition can only OJECechyty normal price for milk - said Valery cow. - Dairy company of such a plan, first of all, stimulate agricultural production by economic means. If we develop these investment projects generate competition in procurement of agricultural products, it is this, rather than the will and desiresome officials will give an appropriate price. " Meanwhile, the head of the region said that the regional authorities will make every effort to support procurement cooperatives aimed at building consignments of milk, minimize costs and ensure quality control of products. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration