In Khmelnytsky district inspectors provide comprehensive assistance to families of soldiers who are in ATU

Within the charity event "pure of heart", initiated by the Interior last year, law enforcement officers from Khmelnytsky continue to attend a family of his colleagues and soldiers who now serving in the area of ??ATO. Particular attention is paid to families with young children. These family owned and family from the village Bezruchenko Hrushkivtsi Letychiv area. 39-year-old head of the family is mobilized to the troops in early September 2014. From then on the shoulders of his wife, two daughters besides education, lay still and all worries about holding and Acadybnu area. Of course, the 37-year-old woman not one of those who are afraid of hard work, but still, a lot of this work on the farm, where only the strong men cope hands. This is where the family came to the rescue and Letychiv district police officers that during the operation "Visit" learned about the difficulties faced by the wife of a soldier mobilized. Gatheredtogether police a few hours streamlined household, and put them to cut down the wood, rejected the snow removed yard. Happy family expresses gratitude to benefactors for their help and kindness. Precinct inspectors continue intend to visit family, because ahead - spring and many agricultural operations on nrysadybniy area with which the fragile woman alone just can not cope. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region