Vinnichchina took first place in Ukraine on the results of industrial enterprises in the first quarter of 2015 (+ photos) About

First Deputy Head Andriy Gyzhko April 22 during a board meeting of the regional state administration. "In January-March 2015 compared to the same period lastyear, the volume of production in mining and manufacturing Vinnitsa region increased by 5.9% in the processing industry increase is 6.3% (due to increase in food (10.9%), mild (17.7%) and chemical (18.5%) industries, manufacture of wood products (2.4%), manufacture of pharmaceutical products (0.9%). Inelectricity, gas, steam and conditioned air volume exceeded the level of January-March 2014 to 44.5% ", - he said. However, according to the official, in the first quarter of the current year decrease in production observed in areas such as: production of construction products (-19.7%), metal products (-11%) and theduktsii engineering (16%). The region is about 70 long-term implementation of investment projects worth about 20.5 billion. USD. Completion of implementation will create in the region 4,700 new jobs. In respect of small business Gyzhko Andrew said: "Despite all the problems of today, small businesses do notdiminishes the growth rate of local revenues. Thus, in Q1 2015, according to the period of 2014, the growth rate of local revenues from the activities of small business is about 35%. " Number of new businesses (both legal entities and natural persons - entrepreneurs) registered againstfor 3 months of the year as a whole increased by 39% or 486 units. Describing the situation in the field of agriculture Gyzhko Andrew said that it is stable and predictable, "The region ranks first in Ukraine in terms of gross output of agriculture, milk and meat production, herd sizeCattle, including cows. In agriculture YTD ensured production increase, compared to the same period of the previous year by 13.9%, including in agricultural enterprises - by 22.8% " The region is made up to the mark Complex spring field work. During harvest this year sown area is 1644,4 th. Ha or 29.4 thousand. Ha (1.8%) more than in 2014. It is predicted compared with the previous year, to increase the area under crops by 47.5 thousand. Ha (5.7%), including under maize - 2.2 thousand. ha (0.7%). In its report, First Deputy Head of affected local budget execution: "On the 5th budgetsTIB village councils (Bohonytska, Sokyrynetska Vinnitsa region; Pariyivska Illinetskyi district, village council Nemiyska Mogilev-Podolsky district; Ometynetska Nemirovsky district) has completed the annual budget appropriations revenues, and 55 budgets - performance is more than 50% of the annual plan. " Of the 701 village, town and city councils met their budgetszhety in equity and fixed income Board 691 or 99.6%. Fulfilled all budgets baseline in 20 areas not provided - in 7 areas. The most outstanding baseline budget revenues in Nemyriv district - 3 budgets Tyvrovsky - 2 budgets in Vinnytsia, Orativ, Teplice, Chernivtsi and Sharhorodskyi paradiseonah failed 1 budget. The priority in the work of each structural unit of agriculture development was named a wide range of cooperation: "At the regional level, we are preparing the appropriate changes in regional programs on the subject. I ask each head of district administration to develop their own measures of agricultural and obsluhovuyuchyh cooperatives as a major factor in rural employment "- said Andrew Gyzhko. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration