In the Zhytomyr Oblast fighters DSNS saved on fire elderly couple

April 22, 2015 at 08 h 43 min once radiotelephonist Operational Rescue Service « 101 » noticed that the windows of the building which is located opposite the 14 DPRCH (town Narodychi) comes dense black smoke. At the scene immediately was sent fromdivision unit. During reconnaissance exploration in the house rescuers found the home – male and female. They immediately brought to seek medical help, fortunately, they are not required. On ’ it turned out that the couple had breakfast in the kitchen when she felt that the room goes smell of smoke. My husband went to check what happened and openeddoors, thereby allowing oxygen in the room. As a result, there was a fire. Fire damage had 5 sq.m. residential building walls and destroy the refrigerator. The likely cause of the fire – short circuit wiring refrigerator. The amount of material damage and ultimate cause currently established professionals. Through skillful actions rescuesThe fire was extinguished valnykiv have 09 hours 00 min. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region