Zhytomyr, educational institutions week walking area of ??knowledge of the rules of safe life

For the purpose of teaching children the rules of safe life in educational institutions has lifeguards together with educators spend week of life safety. 21 and 22 April in secondary school 17 and III levelsZhytomyr city high school in Zhytomyr State Technological University teaching staff of educational institutions and experts in the field of management DSNS the Week in BC conducted Days of civil protection. These events are held annually and is a kind of first stage of the final sessions on practical verification knowledge and navychok obtained by students during the year, as well as a training institution to protect emergency. From early morning 21 April in secondary school 17 regional center open lessons began on the Day of Civil Protection, which were invited and rescue DSNS management in the region. Experts have proven to rising claimokolinnya safety rules at home and on the street, and not left unattended and disturbing present. Children know for themselves what « alarming suitcase & raquo ;, why it is needed and trained her to complete. From the list presented by rescuers different things everyday Students chose the most needed and arguedtheir choice. Prior to the practical measures that were simultaneously in three different areas and subjects, high school students were involved. The boys showed kids Respiratory and skin and explain the rules of use. The girls were shown how to provide first first aid to the victim in a particular districtadzvychayniy situation. At the same time in the gym of the school took place relay race – steeplechase, put on a gas mask and arms protective kit and rescue the victim from conventional chemically contaminated area. A similar event was held in the city of Zhytomyr Lyceum. Rescuers were taught students grades 8-11 for safebehavior at home and in the street, showing educational videos « A suspicious object can be dangerous » and « Acts population in signal « Attention all! & raquo ;, and conducted quiz. Coaches of first aid Zhytomyr City of Red Cross Ukraine taught students the rules ofment first aid. The next step was the evacuation of students and pedkolektyvu institution. There was a bell that signaled the conventional emergencies. Teaching staff organized the evacuation of students performed at yard ’ I institution. All these actions are held on school grounds. In the form of sportsFirst race « Fire Relay » Lyceum at the time wore combat gear and shot down a jet of water from the base of ’ Ball. Finally DSNS workers showed a real masterclass to eliminate conventional fire with water supply from bore tubing. The quickest and most active participants of the Day of Civil Protection received letters from Rescueof age. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

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