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Ternopil current residents killed when he tried to steal power cable

Electric shock caused the death of 20-year-old Horostkova Husiatyn area. The young man tried to cut the cable from the electrical resistance, not counting the network by shock. 20-year old man despised by all safety rules and being in certainenym that sagging on weather conditions electrician de-energized wires, decided to earn this. By the crime drew two brothers neighbors. According associates moon climbed the electrical resistance of pliers. I just touched the electric line - went down. About accident guys told police. On this fact openly criminalproceedings under the first paragraph of Article 115 of the Criminal Code. Police officers together with workers power companies planned measures to prevent theft of electrical cables and conduct preventive work among the population to warn against such, and identify those prone to such atrocities. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ternopilskiy area