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"We're all doing one thing - fighting crime in the area, so most have to work in concert" - asked the prosecutor Transcarpathian region Vladimir Janko edge

law enforcement officers April 21 an enlarged board meeting prosecutors Transcarpathian region, which was attended by prosecutors management, UAS , Ministry of Internal Affairs and DFS in the area. It was the state of the preliminary investigation and management procedural criminal proceedings being investigated by law enforcement agencies and the State Security Service of Ukraine fiscal service in the Transcarpathian region. Prosecutor Vladimir Janko said that during the current year regional prosecutor's office taken organizationalpractical measures to ensure the exercise of powers by prosecutors in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and improve the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings. Significantly higher than the national average proportion of indictments submitted to the court acts investigative units of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, JI CSS Ukrainand in the prosecution and investigative field. Also provided sufficiently high level of disclosure of criminal offenses in the criminal proceedings, pre-trial investigation. More than twice the increase in the number of submitted to court convictions acts of corruption crimes. However, the prosecutor stressed region, measures are still not enoughtatnimy and existing problem areas requiring immediate intervention. Urgent question remains subject to reasonable terms pretrial investigation of criminal proceedings. Vladimir Janko insists reorientation of both prosecutors and of the Interior region of investigation and referral to court convictions for actsgrave and especially grave crimes. Warned those present not to allow delays of pre-emphasized the need for timely conduct investigative procedures for making legitimate and reasonable decision results promised check in person, without warning, and to make appropriate organizational and personnel conclusions. Also, the prosecutor concentrated areaSee the attention of law enforcement to provide compensation in criminal proceedings under preliminary investigation because the matter, he said needs to intensify work. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region