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Transcarpathian police rescued the baby, who was left in the village have

Tubercle in Irshava area bystander found outside shopping bag in which lay a newborn baby. On finding people said the head of the district police officer, who immediately called to the scene "fast". This event took place at the beginningatku March s.Horbok Irshavsk Transcarpathian region. A resident of the village, returning home from night duty, found outside the fence big bags. When the man came closer, I heard from the bag sound like a weak moan child. Opening the bag, a farmer saw her newborn baby. Child in from the coldbut not to cry, but hardly hrypilo ... In place of the finds came the other villagers. They began to heat frozen baby. The man could not immediately call the "fast", so called Service chief district officers Irshavsk police department Lieutenant Colonel Yaroslav Todavchychu. Lieutenant Todavchych immediately called to the scene slidcho-operative group and "fast". They arrived in the village of Tubercle m. Irshava 20 minutes. Such efficiency doctors and police officers saved the life of the baby. Villagers Tubercle sent a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov requested to note Lieutenant Colonel Jaroslav Todavchycha Irshavskoye and other law enforcement officers vryagated by the child's life. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region