In exactly completed another stage sterilization stray animals team "4 feet" (results)

In exactly a regular stage of the project on the mass sterilization of stray animals in the city. Exactly team of international animal protection organization "Four paws" which lasted from 16 March to 9 April 2015. For the second time, members were Zawiyatali our city at the invitation of the local government, but this time also for its financial support. And like last year, the organization concluded a cooperation agreement with KATP 1728, to provide latest necessary for sanitation. In 2014 in the month of the team prosterylizuvala 235 stray animals (dogs and 228 cats 7), it waslooking under 232 - 205 dogs and 27 cats. The results are very satisfactory, given that this year's team was the only one vet, he assisted urban specialist veterinary service which needed some time to study new methods of sterilization. But very quickly succeeded in usual tempo team sterilization and even forvzhdy favorable weather conditions prevented successful work. The big advantage to be considered that sterilization was launched in the spring during the so-called dog "wedding", after which usually replenished city hundreds of puppies. So get started sooner made possible thanks to the warm room, given to the CF "Umka" Andreiyem PROKOPCHUK. Thanks to the professional work team "Four paws" failed to prevent the occurrence of at least 300 new summer tailed as 232 animals sterilized just 40 vidhulyaly. In general, the sterilization of more than 200 animals prevented the appearance of more than 1 000 new puppies that will never join the population of the city of homeless animals. For rezultatamy of April 15, 2015 in Rivne City Council held a press conference featuring Mayor V.Homka coordinator "Four paws" in Ukraine p.Lischyshynoyi A. KATP 1728 representatives and municipal animal protect organizations. Overall, this year's joint project with the organization "Four paws" was very successful for our city. In togoh, by the end of 1728, the KATP plans to sterilize 230 stray dogs still within the city "Programs regulate the number of stray animals in the city. Exactly 2012-2016". This was reported in the Rivne City Council