Chernigov: pets clubs meeting in the community of Dog Training Service

2014-2015 academic year in Chernihiv Center work with children and youth in the community is marked by large-scale changes in the usual list of general activities of the Centre, their forms and formats. The event, which pupils clubs would be able to directly acquainteding activities of cynology service, see its methods of work and skills of dogs, planned methodological Service Center from the start of this school year. It took place as planned in the framework of large-scale "professions Festival", held in clubs Center for spring 2015. Meeting with the Dog Training Center at the Ministry of Interior Chernihivskiy area was made possible thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Center of children and youth in the community Chernihiv City Council and the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Life Safety in Chernihiv region. The event took place on 17 April at the picturesque waterfront lawn rods near the Krasny Bridge and Palacespecial events. Beautiful spring weather today allowed an asset more than 120 students from 16 children and youth clubs, not just walk home town and talk with friends, but also useful and meaningful to spend their leisure time. Such activities give children the opportunity to practice both visually and see the work of professionals from differentdirections, and quality and interesting to spend their free time, and may determine his future profession. The event started with intellectual game outdoors. Thematic quiz included questions on the topic of dog breeding and husbandry. Places for winning the quiz as follows: Club "Seagull" - third place, "Desna" - IIand club "Fortuna" - the first place. And while students clubs competed in their knowledge of the above themes, regional representatives Dog Training Center could fully prepare the lawn for the best possible interactive demonstration of skills, which seamlessly wards have their service animals. The honor of this day represent Dogcenter and had one of the best - 10-year-old German vivchartsi free. By the way, the dog has twice been in the area of ??administrative units where performing specific combat missions. Free sample showed good breeding, kindness to the children of courtesy with immense dedication, physical strength and courage, even in situations where she has to deal with criminalsfirearms. "Man's Best Friend" showed itself in all its glory. The best training, strict implementation of the orders of the head, impeccable job search and object protection, support and protection of people, destruction of conventional criminal and much more. Pupils clubs were in the same delight and an example of finding a lost dog by Mobile-odorth and host object definition and demonstration of detention dog in conventionally modeled situation "criminal" that stole her purse in girls. Specialists and wards Dog Training Center every day perform specific service tasks, help in solving complex search tasks. Specially trained dogs permanently solve issueswhich the person could not cope without their help. Teaching staff and students of urban children's clubs in the community appreciate Training Center CH and BC for their continued cooperation, and wish every success Dog Training Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chernihiv region in their difficult but very important work. Read morethe work of the Center, visit the website According to the Center works with children and youth in the community