Chernihiv region, continue checking protective structures of civil protection experts in Chernihiv

control units and operational rescue service region in cooperation with representatives of the authorities and local self-government leaders about ’ inspect objects protective structures of civil protection. Total there are1192, including 157 civil defense shelters and 1035 anti-radiation shelters. As of 18 February checked 613 buildings. Unfortunately, their state of readiness is poor, because only 16% are willing or prepared to take limited persons ukryvayutsya. In 524 structures can shelter population in the case of conventional military means cheerstion. February 17 professionals Chernihiv city department UDSNS tested in the repository, designed for 200 staff PAT « & raquo ;, Mlibor one of the largest enterprises in grain storage. Protective equipment, provided lighting, heating, ventilation and air-jet water reserve. However, the audit specialists youknow it as limited ready for their intended use. The room is in need of refurbishment and replacement of obsolete equipment filtration. As assured about leadership ’ object, set out in the act diligence usuvatymutsya deficiencies as soon as possible. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region