In Volyn Oblast Prosecutor Horohivschyny the courts forced the farmer to pay almost 50 thousand. UAH. for land

Horokhiv Prosecutor's Office conducted the study of compliance with the tax laws of the land and the accuracy of land use, calculation and timely payment to the budget of the rentand land use state and municipal property. Established between the Department Derzhzemahenstva in Horokhiv and farm " Hayenka " was concluded for a period of 7 years lease of land with a total area of ??45 hectares. Vilhivskoyi in the territory of the village council. According to the agreement, the tenant had thatyear to pay more than 32 thousand. UAH. fees for the use of land. However, from 2014 it without paying the rent on time, the state owed nearly 30 thousand. UAH. To force the farmer to pay the debts and default interest and inflation costs, prosecutors appealed to the district court. Decision Horokhiv claim is satisfied by avnomu volume. From farmer charged more than 48 thousand. UAH. Currently, the money he was paid to the budget. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region