Accident in Volyn: motorcyclist was killed pedestrian - injured

accidents registered on the territory Ratne area and in Lutsk. April 20 around 3:30 on a bridge in the village Busachi Stone Kashyrsky area 28-year-old villager Vydrychi, driving a motorcycle " & quot ;, Minsk lost of control, hurt bump on the bridge thinging round and fell to the asphalt road surface. From his injuries the driver died at the scene. On the same day at 14:00 in the prospectus of Unification in Lutsk 31-year-old regional center, driving a car "VAZ 2106" made hit a 48-year resident of the village Tsuman Kivertsi region. As a result of the accident claimishohid injured, hospitalized in Lutsk city hospital. The facts of the accident under investigation. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region