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In Lutsk in budgetary institutions in 2014 introduced energy saving measures at 12.2 million

Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk held briefings during which acting Director of Economic Policy Constantine Patrakeyev informed about the state of energy efficiency measures. According to him, for the period 2014year in the public sector, the residential sector, industry and housing were implemented 86 energy saving measures totaling 12.2 million USD, which will give savings of 6.01 million USD per year. Most were invested in budgetary institutions (9.6 million). He noted that investments in budgetary institutions are as follows reason form: the city budget - 4.3 million; borrowed funds (grants and loans) - 5.2 million; own funds of institutions - 140 thousand. USD. In the first quarter 2015, the public sector, the residential sector, industry and housing were implemented 53 energy saving measures totaling 1 million 227 thousand. USD. In budgetary institutions was investorconvertible 941 thousand. 676 UAH. Due to the active implementation of energy saving measures, and various organizational measures in budgetary institutions of Lutsk city succeeded in reducing energy costs by 23% (or 12 million). Konstantin Patrakeyev said that the city authorities considerable attention paid to investment Enerhozberezhennya because energy efficiency is not just the need to maintain the functional state of the premises, but significant way to save money on energy and one of the prerequisites for sustainable energy development. In 2013, the city signed a loan agreement with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) to attract at UMOwah co-financing loan for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in six municipal facilities. The share of credit of the Corporation NEFCO is about 4 million. The share of the city budget in total investment is about 445 thousand. USD. These funds are intended to finance energy saving Zakhoing in six public institutions financed from the city budget (high school 21, school 5, NEC 10, kindergarten 11, kindergarten 21, Lutsk Clinical Hospital). In 2014, these institutions were replaced windows and doors made balancing the heating system, upgraded lighting system, in kindergarten 21, 11 5 school and high school 21 set individual teplovi items as insulated pool and facades of high school 21. Completion of high school 21 is planned in 2015 by a new loan funds NEFCO. As part of the project "Modernization of district heating in Lutsk." Planned reconstruction of heat supply, installation of individual thermal Mr.unktiv in residential apartment buildings, introduction of automation and SCADA installation of solid fuel boiler capacity of 2.5 MW boiler-house. Bozhenka. In addition, the project "Energy for Mayors of the East" - the main partner which supports the Bologna University, funded by the European Commission for co-financing at the townSecond Council. Received funding from the European Commission in the amount of 23.6 thousand. Euros to implement energy saving measures in kindergarten 7 (install individual heating unit, partial replacement of windows and doors). In 2014 he became one of Lutsk city-winners of "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine" (LED). The main objectives of the project is to assistin investment in energy saving measures in the preparation of applications for funding from international financial institutions, preparing business plans, feasibility studies, technical documentation for attracting investment in energy efficiency, development of technical specifications and tender according to the rules of international Finnansovyh organizations. Approved by the "Programme compensation of interest rates on the credits for 2013-2015" for energy efficiency measures. Representatives of condominiums 7 m. Lutsk took credit for holding energy saving measures totaling about 4 million. This program is recommended for Regional Development spread to other orgaour local government. Also in 2014, was set individual heating units with weather control circuit in "Lutsk center of primary health care 3 (53 700 USD), short-circuit "Lutsk center of primary health care 2 (79 900 USD), in obstetric and gynecological cases BB "Lutsk Clinical Maternity(115 100 USD) for the city budget. Following the 2014 heat consumption reduced by 14.6 thousand. Gcal, or 33.6%, natural gas at 117.7 thousand. Cu. m., or 27% and hot water for 6 thousand. cu. m., or 13.5%. The plans for 2015 is to continue cooperation with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO. Introductionactivities under the "Project for Reconstruction of district heating system in. Luck" with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Switching over to a number of alternative fuels such as waste wood, pellets, etc. (Ave. Revival, 15-b, p. Tarasove Bozhenko str., 32). Continuation of the project to establish dreambarley collectors in a number of pre-school programs within the framework of cross-border cooperation "Poland-Belarus-Ukraine" (preschool 3, 5, 7, 30, 31, 34). Subsequent recoveries of interest on the "Program repayment of interest rates on the credits in 2013-2015 years." For the city condominiums. Active work in the project "Municipalon energy reform in Ukraine "(LED), funded by the US Agency for International Development. The plans also cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), project "Covenant of Mayors - East", World Bank, European Investment Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other international financial mouthanovamy and donors. Also planned for 2015 funding from the city budget for capital repairs of heating systems, replacement of external enclosing constructs, renovated facades else. Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev said that energy efficiency measures gives good results. According to him, already have ekonomiya funds. He thanked the public institutions to work on energy-saving technologies. Taras Yakovlev said that the savings will use for other purposes. For his part, Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk urged to continue work in this direction. Today already have good results. He said that soon will nArad on summing up the heating season and prepare for a new, and therefore requested to prepare proposals for the introduction of new energy technologies. Nicholas Romaniuk called for the summer to make up work. This was reported in Lutsk City Council