In Zhytomyr police promptly arrested the killer pensioner

employees took less than a day Berdichev Gorotdel police to establish the identity and location of the resident district, which after a joint charkuvannya deprived life of his friend. By the next part of Berdichev police received a report of a 36-year BerdichevLeanc? that she found the lifeless body of her stepfather. At the scene immediately went leadership and employees investigative team Gorotdel. Law enforcement officers found that the victim is 65-year-old owner of the house. This room was noticeable traces of a recent meal. The body of a man found stabbed expert, who testified about the difficultynytsku death. Therefore, operatives of the Criminal Investigation launched a number of priority search operations to establish the circumstances of the tragedy and persons involved in the murder. However, district police inspector took a survey of the villagers and test people who have criminal records and likely to commit offenses. In reresult, the police found that the evening in the company of those who died was 32-year-old local resident. So police went to the place of residence of possible witness or party events, but at home they did not find him. - The man was not part of plans to meet with the police because he was hiding in the district center - the head Berdychivskoho CF MIA Roman Zaitsev. - So fast "meeting" was arranged for him CID detectives. The factor of surprise worked for investigation: man did not invent anything and immediately gave truthful testimony, telling all the details of the tragic evening. According to his testimony, during a joint between alcohol consumptionhim who died and there was a quarrel. That's when he got very angry at the owner of the house and seizing than repeatedly smote the chest. For a while, realizing that he had made evil, decided to run away and wait out a while. The suspect was arrested. In fact the murder is being investigated for criminal proceedings Part 1 Art. 115 of the Criminal kthe Code of Ukraine. A man facing imprisonment for up to 15 years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region, according to Berdichev CF MIA