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XXI Ukrainian Festival DYUP and public action "to prevent. Save. Help the "confidently stepping Zhytomyrshchyna

In order to attract the public school youth and adults to study the safety of life and their advocacy, research and summarize the results of experience of young wives fire secondary schools Provodyatsya regional qualifying stages XXI Ukrainian festival of young wives fire. Each district Zhytomyr land covers this holiday. So, on April 17 House of Culture in. Ovruch welcomed within its walls members and guests District XXI Ukrainian festival stage Wives young firemen, which was attended by 9 teams teach generallnyh institutions. 3 hours room filled with beautiful melodies, reckless energy, positive emotions and charming smiles boys and girls. I would like to note the high level of competition to rescue young, big and professional leaders working wives. Many students have used speeches genre tales – most accessWell and interesting for communicating peers form of life safety, rules of conduct in emergency situations. Students demonstrated the danger of fire behavior in a forest in fire-fighting tale told about the correct behavior to fire on Rules for the Treatment of appliances and in detecting suspicious objects and toxic substancesn. Following the competition the first place took the team of young wives School 4 of fire. Ovruch, second place - the wife of the young firefighters Velykohaychanska school and third place – DYUP Kyrdanivskoyi school team. The winners were awarded with presents and sweets. However, this celebration does not end. In the area near the house of culture rescuers preparedand enchanting show – Public Action « Prevent. Save. Help & raquo ;. Students and everybody is pleased tried fighting clothing acquainted with firefighters and fire and rescue equipment and rescue equipment available. In turn, employees ambulance Rose ’ yasnyuvaly and practically demonstrated in first mThe medical assistance. In addition fighters DSNS clearly demonstrated how quickly and deftly cut metal structure can be mechanized tools and equipment. The highlight for everyone was the fire relay, which had the opportunity to compare their own rival, breaking the true test of rescuers. Did not avoid the attentionAction Korostens'kyi area and held in a secondary school of I-III 3 m. Korosten. Before the event were invited representatives of governments, Ukraine Red Cross, police, community services for water, workers of criminal police and the media. The event started with open classes in each class startsing from the smallest and ending with the oldest. In class hours, students learn about the basic principles of civil protection, especially in emergencies and events peacetime alert the public order, using elementary and improvised protection. The next step was the evacuation of students and teachers with the training forlay. There was a bell that signaled the conventional emergencies. Teachers organized the evacuation of students performed at yard ’ I institution. All these actions are held on the school site. In the form of sports competitions younger students demonstrated skills dressing mask, seniors – terms of use suhnehasnykom and first aid. The explosion of emotion and was particularly impressed by the appearance of fire on the students acquainted with the car and rescuers who demonstrated the technique and its possibilities. Students tried real combat clothing. The most active participants received certificates from the school and from great souvenir calendarsers DSNS. &Laquo; Each year, these measures are more desirable and exciting milestones for residents Zhytomyr region, and in turn, more informative and valid holidays for young people. Promoting safe life becomes axiomatic life of young people - said interim Duty ’ yazky Head of DSNS in youil Kuchyn. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region