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Folk Dance Ensemble "Barvinok" is an example of international diplomacy example of the need to present Ukraine in the world - Valery Cow (+ photos)

Vinnytsia Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre. Sadowski was held April 20 reported recital artistic groups Vinnitsa city center of artistic and choreographiccreativity "Periwinkle". His talent, dance and vocal skills pupils Centre throughout the evening gave fans dance and folklore, showing the best music room with the variety of his repertoire. Visited the festive event and head of the regional state administration Valery cow. "They say noa greater happiness than to see their children happy. And looking at the performance of these little children, my heart overflows with joy for their talent, "- said in his welcoming remarks, the head of Vinnitsa region. The head of the region noted mastery and international recognition of Vinnytsia center of artistic and choreographic creativity and expressed beliefthat "Periwinkle" can serve as a model of international diplomacy example of the need to present Ukraine in the world. Thus the words of gratitude for the inspiring work and wishes of continued success Valery Cow handed director and artistic director of the center "Barvinok" Peter Boyko order "For Merit" third degree, which People's Artist and earnenyy Art Worker of Ukraine marked by the Decree of the President. For the record. Vinnitsa city center of artistic and choreographic education of children and youth "Barvinok" was created in 1996. Over the years the Center has become the focus of popular culture and education center for the younger generation by means of Ukrainian national art. In painw than 70 clubs and classes Center study of 1500 children aged 5 to 17 years. In summary concert ensemble rehearsals take part at the same time more than 150 children of all ages. The Center "Periwinkle" working folk art groups: dance ensemble "Barvinok" folklore group ensemble "Barvinok" and studio art embroidery "Barvinkovi patterns ". The participants of the creative teams Centre - and Dance and folk groups and solo singing groups and studio art embroidery - are the same children. Folk Dance Ensemble "Barvinok" was created in 1984. For 30 years, the "Periwinkle" won many All-Union, national and international festyvaliv. The founder and director of the ensemble is unchanged People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Excellence in Public Education of Ukraine Peter Boyko. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration