Up to five years in prison sentenced for causing the inhabitants of Ternopil fatal stab wounds complaint friend

27-year resident of one of the villages in the area Terebovlia convicted for the murder of a friend, the Court of Appeal considered the Ternopil region. In its appeal, the defendant argued that the victim inflicted serious bodily injuryWhich caused the death to defend themselves. The event occurred in April 2013. On a visit to the defendant's childhood friend arrived and they decided it noted. Went to the local bar and invited along another friend. They drank beer in a bar, then went to another and only returned home in the evening to the defendant. Along the way, bought another bottle burneding. The conflict broke out in the kitchen when the owner noticed that the guest cooks pasta in a Teflon pan. This remark angered fellow, and he struck hard with his fist in the master arm. The man fell and hit his head on the stove, and then also got an iron shovel on the head. Hearing the screams, ran to the kitchen neighbor, but seeing the bloody sceneescaped from the house. The defendant, trying to dodge the blows and get up, grabbed the edge of the table and took a knife. When the attacker swung at him, he struck him a blow in the stomach blade. Realizing that done, my husband called the doctor, but doctors were unable to help. The blow was fatal. During the investigation, and in the courts of different instances suspectadmitted his guilt, but insisted that the other would not kill because he defended him. In view of all the circumstances of the case, the appellate court action Ternopil region perekvalifikuvav accused of murder (ch. 1, Art. 115 of the Criminal Code) for intentional infliction of serious bodily injury that resulted in death (Part 2 of Art. 121 of the Criminal Code) and changed to the extentpunishment by appointing five instead of eight years in prison. Year defendant has already served. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region