Third May in Lviv on the street. Symonenko all interested persons will dance the waltz

Day Celebration May 3 city will not only downtown, but also in remote areas - and abundant in the street. Symonenko. In particular, one of the areas Frankivsk region will be a place where everyone can dance the waltz to the music of a string quartet. This April 21itnya during a press conference the Head of Culture Lviv City Council Irina Magdysh. She said that the celebration will take place on the square, winter trees called area of ??12 – on the street. Symonenka 10. In early May, it will become the 12 waltzes, because there String Quartet Collegium Musicum of playshall waltzes. &Laquo; 12 Waltzes In the area we invite lions ’ Yang and the residents dance the waltz. This will help us dance group that would promote the dance. No matter whether you are able to do so professionally? or have a beautiful dress. The square will waltz dance all from kids to grandparents & raquo ;, – stressed Ilina Magdysh. In addition, 3 May abundantly brass band concert « Galicia Trumpets » and puppet show in front of the school. &Laquo; The play will be available to all children abundant and heavy-1-2. She put Theater « And men and puppets & raquo ;. They first come out of the theater, because mostly work in theater primation & raquo ;, – said I. Magdysh. Told