Team Khmelnytsky Gorotdel police won bronze at the 4th Division open the city's

best futsal player universal Division recognized team player "HMV MIA" Anatoly rock. In Sports Complex Regional Department of Internal Affairs has awarded the best teams and players for pidsumKami Premium League Open Championship Khmelnytsky Futsal season 2014-2015 years. The event ran for 62 teams who waged a bitter struggle in four divisions. Winners were awarded with the leadership of the Association of indoor soccer Khmelnitsky region. Team Khmelnytsky City Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region "HmmIn the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "which won bronze in the 4th division, received the award from the hands of Khmelnytsky Regional Council chairman John Potter. And the chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs Nicholas Semenyshyn welcomed better player Anatoly rock division, team member "HMV Ministry of Internal Affairs." SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region