Law enforcement officials warn: do not leave in the car personals

Despite numerous requests from law enforcement to countryman not leave vehicles in any property, motorists continue to ignore warnings and suffer from thieves. Trouble suffered 30 years ternopolyanku. With the car "Mazda CX 9" stolen tablet. ByAccording to the victim, she arrived in the evening to pick up a child from kindergarten. Inside, the woman left the backpack cars, where the tablet cost $ 2,000. During her absence attackers broke the right front window of the car and stole a bag. At the scene immediately went investigative team. The police are searching for the thief. Pravoohorontsi emphasize that the only reliable way and protect property and money - it does not leave them in the cabin. Most of these crimes occur because car owners themselves provoke criminals. Potential thieves can not resist the temptation when they see the seat left valuables safe, purse, cell phone, laptop or another.Motorists should remember the basic safety rules: - Do not leave unattended by car, parked only at sites with security, and even better - in garages equipped with reliable in alarm systems; - Do not leave valuables in the salons, leaving even for a few minutes. If you are affected by such a crime, the police asked Mr.e delay and immediately call the number 102. This is to help law enforcement solve the crime hot pursuit and return lost property. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region