In Ternopil Chertkovskaya police caught lover of easy money

staff Chortkiv district police suspect a 28-year resident of one of the villages in the area of ??committing a series of petty theft. Man, not having a permanent residence and work, wandering in search of easy money. The suspect is not the first time gets the attention of pravoohorontsiv - to his credit several convictions for property crimes. Released six months ago from prison, 28-year-old man lived in a village house in the district of friends. At the new place quickly mastered. After a time he began to take a closer look, which can be a good profit. The objects of their atrocities chose non-residential sector. The night will goandin the case. He took everything that had at least some value. On one farm brought power cable. On the territory of the other estates stole the bike. Also committed theft of territory defunct sawmill and dry cleaning facilities. From there, brought nearly one hundred pounds of scrap metal, two gas cylinders, metal door of the safe, channels and other assets. Have suffered fromLodi residents of the district center and surrounding villages. In each case, people assess the damage caused thief from two hundred to thousand. All stolen moon marketed, and the money spent on their own needs. The facts thieves attacks suspect opened criminal proceedings under Article 185 of the Criminal Code (theft). The police checked involvement zlovmysnyka to commit other illegal acts. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region